Random Musings #3

A photo of Union Canal Towpath

It has been a while since I wrote my Random Musings. I was in Edinburgh then and wrote it after I leisurely took my time admiring the Edinburgh Castle from The Princes Street Gardens. Here is the post if you want to read more.

Fast forward two years later, the pandemic is doing its second round of chaos and deaths; we are under lockdown until God knows when. The only thing keeping me sane is sticking to my routine, which at times, I am unable to keep up with due to work stress or simply because I feel overwhelming. I miss going out and socialising, trying out different foods, joining various activities, or simply walking around exploring new places and stores. Though I am grateful for the good health and safety of my family and friends, the unpredictability of the situation can get on your nerves without any prior notice. If you have not gotten into plants, baking cakes, cooking off YouTube recipes, doing art, journaling, or working out already, please let me know how exactly you are coping with the collective pandemic blues.

I dream of days when I was studying at the university—daily activities like grocery shopping in Lidl or Sainsbury, waiting at the bus stop, strolling on Princes Street, laying on the grass, studying in the library or just catching up with a friend over coffee in a cosy café. I miss doing these things. At the same time, moving to a new place for work and not being able to explore it fully is also a wish yet to come true. So many things on hold. But I learnt something too. In this locked space, you either keep fighting the anxiety in your mind or some days are lucky where you feel content. I have been able to fill my time by learning new things that I may not have had the opportunity to focus on if I was not in this unique moment. I cannot deny that the situation outside is grim, the struggle is on, but if being creative helps me feel positive, I better do it more often.

The first two months of the year started awfully. My emotions were all over the place and I could not wait for it to change. Thankfully, it did, and I am in a better place now. I suppose sticking to my Pilates, baking cakes, tending to my plants, reading, and painting with tons of office work has kept me engaged to not drift into a self-pitying mess. Hey, you do you when you feel terrible, okay!

I cannot help thinking about what happens when things get back to being normal. It has been a year now and I do not know if I can hold on to my newfound hobbies once I resume going to the office, but I think I will appreciate life with more kindness. I will meet people and hug them, have better conversations, and look forward to more adventures life has to offer. Till then, stay safe and hold on to good old hope.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Cheers!

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