Daily Writing Prompts #1

What skills or lessons have you learned recently?

A snap from my balcony in Denver, CO

Hi there! Gosh, what a month it has been for me, my family and my new family! I got married last month and let’s just say – its a lot. My life changed so much in a matter of 34 days. I did not think I had it in me to go through this process of events, emotions, expectations, changes and more. It was a roller-coaster of lifetime all cramped in a month. So now I am settling down in Denver, CO. Coming from a place that consistently peaks 35 °C and above, my mind and body is unable to understand temperatures like -15 °C.

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Top 10 Tips to Solo Travel Like A Boss – Part 1

Can there be anything better than travelling? I came back from Puducherry (Pondicherry) two days back and what a trip it has been – not because the place is nice (it is) but travelling solo has its perks. And since I have been solo travelling for quite some time now, I would like to take the liberty to introduce you to all the FAQ’s, tips, recommendations and encouragement to try solo travelling at least once in your life time. Life is too short to die with regrets.

P.S. – Check out brilliant suggestions on books written by solo travellers in the end.

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Random Musings #4

A photo clicked near Church Street, Bengaluru

Hello! Been a while since I got in touch with you. It feels a bit rusty when you stop writing or take a break from your creative activities—life happens. Well, at least I am back, albeit it took me a few travel trips to make it happen. Keep reading to know what my mind has to chatter about in today’s post. Note: I use we, you and I in an interchangeable manner to keep the flow of thoughts intact.

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Adieu 2021

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

A big hello to you who has taken some time out and is reading this now. I know we are 16 days into 2022, but here is me wishing you a very late Happy New Year!

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