Book Review Policy

UPDATE: I am currently not taking up book review requests due to personal commitments. I will resume reviewing from January 2023 onwards. Thanks!

I read and review new adult, YA, general fiction, self-help, travel and culinary fiction/non-fiction, sci-fi and fantasy genres. Occasionally, graphic novels.

I love reviewing books from various publishers. I accept printed copies of books as well as digital editions. I own Kindle 10th Gen, so files compatible for it will be highly preferable.

I post my reviews on my website under Books. I also post my reviews on Instagram @eternallybonkers and Goodreads. I link to my reviews through Twitter at @e_bonkers and LinkedIn.

My reviews discuss from the perspective of a reader and a publisher. I rate based on how much I enjoyed reading the book and include factors which could have made the book better in my opinion. Please note that I do not guarantee to rate a book high if I do not appreciate it. In conclusion, I aim to bring forth new books to my readers and encourage them to read, learn and enjoy. Since I have studied and work in a publishing environment, reviews may also have my analysis of the visual features of the book, for example – cover, typesetting, design, illustrations, etc.

Books will likely be reviewed within two to three months, depending on how excited I am about the book and what else I have committed to reading. You are not guaranteed a review, but I will do my best to read and review each book I receive.

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me.