Wrapping up the year 2020

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As I sit down and look through my cloud-stored folders and update my financial budgeting sheets for the year, it does not feel like a new year is about to begin today. 2020 has been insane – #lockdown #Covid #virus #WFH #mentalhealth #burnout and so forth. A lot has been going on in the last few weeks and I have not been in an emotionally stable place to gather up some courage and continue posting my blogs. However, I am getting better and it is a good time to wrap up my major hits and misses, high and lows, what I read and what I have learnt during this unusually chaotic year. Also, here is wishing you and your dear ones a healthy and prosperous new year ahead!

Let me take this moment just to say – you lived; every single day you woke up and tried to fight your blues due to this collective stress that has been impacting your daily life. Please pat yourselves for keeping it together with hope, strength and perseverance.

This post is a wind-up on how I have acted upon my resolutions – some worked, and some did not. In my 2020 resolution list, I jotted down my 10 resolutions for this year, and I feel it would be helpful to reflect on the progress I have made so far. What are my 2021 resolutions? To be honest, I am yet to make one. However, here is wind-up of hits and misses in my 2020 resolutions this year:

Staying at home and working also has its perks. While the breakdown at times felt unnerving, it pushed many of us to take a good look at our hobbies, habits, health, and self-care. Some of the new hobbies and skills that I have gathered up this year are:

1. Growing indoor plants.

I LOVE PLANTS! Especially when I see them growing in pots on my study table, bedside table, windows, shelves etc, they are slowly but steadily occupying my space which I do not have any issues with, yet.

Photo of plants on my study table

2. Bullet journaling to track habits.

Thanks to the book The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll, my dotted journal has been put to good use in tracking habits such as workout, jogging, reading and more daily. That reminds me, I might need to stock up a new journal soon.

3. Reading a variety of stories (graphic novels, webtoons, audiobooks, etc.)

If you do not read graphic novels or webtoons, gosh, I kid you not, you are depriving yourself of some amazing stories and art found absolutely for free online! Ok, I may have exaggerated here, but it irks me when people assume these are for children. Really?! Try reading Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić or Persepolis by ‎Marjane Satrapi. I am obsessed with illustrations and storytelling that is created by creators/authors from all over the world. Would highly recommend you to check the graphic novel review where I list down my favourite webcomics at the moment in the end. You are welcome.

4. Jogging 2-5 days per week.

If I struggle with something immensely, it is to carry out an activity persistently over a longer duration. However this year, I have managed to stay active with my jogging routine and workout sessions. I will soon post my new year workout challenge that I have signed up at Blogilates that I am super excited about. I have also pulled in two of my friends from Europe and the UK to join me in this challenge. If you are interested, please reach out and pop in a ‘Hi, I’m in too!’ in the comments section below. Let us do this together!

5. Listening to podcasts.

Whether it was commuting to work back in February-March 2020, or jogging it out in the evenings, a good uplifting podcast is like a shot of motivation on the go. I usually stick to motivational, inspirational, health and self-care related podcasts.

A screenshot of my podcast subscriptions

6. Learning Spanish on Duolingo

Okay, so this I have to get back to since 19-October-2020 (see, I tracked this *eye roll*). I think I got so competitive for trying to be No. 1 in the leader board that, I got overwhelmed and stopped learning. But I enjoy learning the language at my pace. I will get back mi amigo..

7. Painting with gouache.

I missed painting which I enjoyed doing during my schooling years. I wanted to try my hand with gouache colours and loose floral/plant illustrations. It is therapeutic to paint, focus and relax. So I bought my set of colors and now I paint in the bullet journal at my fancy. If you want to see my thoughts in starting a new activity, do check this out.

8. Enjoying aroma diffusers, skin and hair care regime, scented candles, incense cones etc.

Kitchen is where all ingredients are usually available to follow a solid self-care routine. Since I recently turned 29 years old, I am now more focussed on taking care of my health, skin, and hair. Plus, there is no way I can turn my back from the growing fondness for scented candles, aroma oils and incense cones. Well, I guess it is just the age acting up *smirks*.

9. Meditating.

Have I been consistently doing this activity? No. But does this work? For me, yes. I like the feeling of doing some stretching to ease those workout/jogging cramps, relax that constant thought process of work and other worries in my mind and just enjoy some moments in peace. I want to do it more and reap its benefits when I am older. Who wants to age like wine? ME!

10. Baking a carrot cake.

This by far has taken me by surprise. I can cook, but baking has never been my forte. However, while catching up with my friend after a long time over some delicious food, she suggested me to try the carrot cake. The result was, I made it at home twice, with the graciousness of my mom and Youtube video. Now I can bake! *Please do not jinx this skill*.

A photo of my carrot cake

I hope you enjoyed reading my last post of the year. I will continue bringing more interesting books, topics and hopefully many more travel, workout, study, and professional tips in 2021. Heartiest thanks to all who have continued reading my posts and help me become better with every single writing. Stay safe, healthy, and let us keep the spirits high for this upcoming year. See you in 2021, ¡adios!

Thank you so much for reading this post. Cheers!

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