Daily Writing Prompts #2

Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

A photo taken while watching ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Last year this month, I was relishing my new job as a marketing analyst. New job, new people, new work culture – and I loved it all. And I thought, I could hold on to it.

Fast forward today – I am in Denver trying to cope with cold. Oh I cannot stop my incessant complaints about the cold here – its way too harsh for me. But thankfully. my partner, food and temperature controlled rooms are comforting. Plus Netflix and occasional movie theatre visits.

Did I picture myself married, settled in Denver, doing my thing and starting a new life? Partly yes – this is exactly what I had hoped for. But this decision has also given me plenty of time to learn, rest and make new blunders in cooking – like adding way too many Thai green chillies underestimating how much hotter they are than Indian green chillies. With Christmas advent nearing to an end soon, I am excited to try eggnog and cherry/apple/pumpkin pies. Now isn’t that happiness?

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A closet writer with a knack for adding vivid, witty & personal details. I love coffee, books and food. Highly appreciate lo-fi music and illustrations. Borderline obsessed with stationery, productivity and organisation tools. Always in search of adventures & stories by travelling or being buried in books. Current Status β†  Growing plants in my room. Life Goals β†  Spark conversations, ideas & inspiration with a cup of mild roasted black coffee.

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