Daily Writing Prompts #1

What skills or lessons have you learned recently?

A snap from my balcony in Denver, CO

Hi there! Gosh, what a month it has been for me, my family and my new family! I got married last month and let’s just say – its a lot. My life changed so much in a matter of 34 days. I did not think I had it in me to go through this process of events, emotions, expectations, changes and more. It was a roller-coaster of lifetime all cramped in a month. So now I am settling down in Denver, CO. Coming from a place that consistently peaks 35 Β°C and above, my mind and body is unable to understand temperatures like -15 Β°C.

An important lesson that I have learned recently is to invest in people dearly. Whether it is through gestures, time, words, or gifts – let people know that you appreciate their presence in your life. It is tough to manage expectations of yourself and your dear ones – and it is a life skill indeed that has to be exercised consistently – if not frequently.

I am on a new path discovering and learning new things in the process; it has its own highs and lows like any new job, but is there any fun without some hiccups?

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A closet writer with a knack for adding vivid, witty & personal details. I love coffee, books and food. Highly appreciate lo-fi music and illustrations. Borderline obsessed with stationery, productivity and organisation tools. Always in search of adventures & stories by travelling or being buried in books. Current Status β†  Growing plants in my room. Life Goals β†  Spark conversations, ideas & inspiration with a cup of mild roasted black coffee.

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