A Letter to You

Dear [insert your name],

I hope you are doing well amidst these unpredictable times. Things have been okay for me. I started working on February 17, 2020. Never did I predict—I would be confined to work from home a month later. I am finding it challenging—I am still struggling to learn the various steps involved in my work and writing business emails after getting it proofread from my helpful colleagues. Nevertheless, I have broken down in anxiety feeling my learning has slowed down. Thankfully, my friends have time and again shaken me out of this mental cage of working till I burnout. So there it is, me at the moment.

Meanwhile, it has been hard to focus on my reading and writing. I need to write down a systematic schedule to persistently keep up with learning Spanish on Duolingo, finish (or start) adobe illustrator lessons on Udemy, read my list of books pending for a while now and then—manage my work efficiently. Learning all these without getting out of the house is, well, uncomfortable. And then the travel blues. How does one conquer managing energy and motivation levels consistently?

I am grateful that my near and dear ones are doing alright. To see so many people losing their lives while the best of doctors, nurses, researchers, policemen, service providers, vendor shops and many more are doing their best to confront the situation—I am in a position to stay safe and indulge in work from home.

But I guess you understand me when I say isolation for this long gets on your nerves at times.

So, if you are feeling the blues due to this pandemic, try keeping yourself sane and do things that make you happy. It is important to keep a check on your mental and emotional health. Bake that cake you wanted to; play more with your dog; talk to your family and friends; watch movies that entertain or inspire you; read books; start meditating; reflect on your beliefs, goals or dreams; learn something new and be consistent in it; play soft music and water your plants; make dalgona coffee.

I pray for this situation to end soon and we get to resume with gratitude for everything that helps us overcome it.

Take care and keep safe.

Love and kind regards,

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A closet writer with a knack for adding vivid, witty & personal details. I love coffee, books and food. Highly appreciate lo-fi music and illustrations. Borderline obsessed with stationery, productivity and organisation tools. Always in search of adventures & stories by travelling or being buried in books. Current Status ↠ Growing plants in my room. Life Goals ↠ Spark conversations, ideas & inspiration with a cup of mild roasted black coffee.

6 thoughts on “A Letter to You”

  1. Such a positive note, Shilpa! I wish you have a safe and extremely fruitful work-from-home experience in these difficult times. We are in this together. This too shall pass! 🙂


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