Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Print Length: 289 pages
Format: eBook
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Have you ever realised that sometimes, a book enters into your life at the right time and place? That the book remained in your TBR shelf for so long and suddenly, you picked it up and felt, this was meant to be read now? This is what I accurately felt after reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear written by the famed author of Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything, Elizabeth Gilbert. If you are looking to be inspired for your creative pursuits, then keep reading why I highly recommend this book for you.

I came to know about Elizabeth Gilbert after watching the blockbuster movie – Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts. If you have no clue about this movie or book, then you are terribly missing something lovely! With Big Magic, the author begins by introducing you to her understanding of how inspiration travels, and supports it with anecdotes from her life that attempt to capture the meaning of big magic. The style of writing is conversational, warm and comforting to any person who identifies as a creative – writer, artist, designer, etc. Since she is an author, the book cites more examples of dealing with writing. She also explains the thoughts, emotions and obstacles that an individual faces while attempting to follow their passion(s).

There is no time or space where inspiration comes from—and also no competition, no ego, no limitations. There is only the stubbornness of the idea itself, refusing to stop searching until it has found an equally stubborn collaborator. (Or multiple collaborators, as the case may be.) Work with that stubbornness. Work with it as openly and trustingly and diligently as you can.

This book is filled with affirmations that will encourage you to pursue your ideas and creative endeavours without painting a flowery picture of success in the end. There is no guarantee regarding arts; you pursue it because inspiration tells you to do so. It is up to you if you follow the call. The author writes like a dear friend, motivating you to pursue your creative activities, but invest wisely in it, not blindly. For example, Gilbert explains having other sources of income to fund your arts; not force art to pay your bills. She also debunks myths about ‘artistic suffering’—that in order to create great art, you need to suffer. Not necessarily.

Whatever it is you are pursuing, whatever it is you are seeking, whatever it is you are creating, be careful not to quit too soon.

I particularly like this book because it is the author talking her truest self—exploring and writing the process of following the creative journey in one’s life, and why one should pursue without worrying too much about putting it out into the world. Do not attach yourself to your finished projects like it is your baby, it will only cause you more trouble when it is criticised or not given the recognition that you think it deserves. Put in your efforts in making whatever it is and do not stress about making it perfect.

Overall, I believe this is a book I will be rereading or the highlights (saved on Goodreads) again to boost my confidence when I face a writer’s block or feel low on creative energies. Take it as your personal-creative-spirituality book which will resonate with you time and again.

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Additionally, I have attached Calm Creative Living Journal with Elizabeth Gilbert created by Calm Masterclass.
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